ABC Board Implements New Online Ordering System

Licensees wishing to order ahead, locate hard-to-find items, or check availability of their preferred brand, will soon find shopping to be easier and more customer-friendly thanks to the Alabama ABC Board’s new online ordering system. More than a year in the making, the new ordering system uses the Board’s Enterprise-Resource-Planning System (ERP) and high-powered integrated e-commerce software to give consumers real-time information about their favorite brands.

The new online ordering system will be phased in incrementally over a four-month period, beginning January 14th with Store #237 in Auburn/Opelika and #194 in Tuscaloosa. The last stores will be online by the end of May. Licensees will be able to check the inventory of their favorite store or other ABC Stores, verify current availability, will hold items placed in your “cart” for up to three days, create a “Wish List” of their preferred brand(s) for future orders, create a template for recurring orders, and schedule a pick-up date.

Licensees are encouraged to check with their local ABC Store or the ABC Board website at for specific information about when the new online ordering system will be available in their area. Also, check out our frequently asked questions here: