ABC Board hosts 2022 Alabama SAYS conference

The second Alabama Substance Abuse Youth Summit (SAYS) brought together a wide variety of professionals concerned with the effects of substance abuse as it relates to Alabama’s youth.

Held April 26 in Montgomery, the conference offered representatives from more than 150 state agencies, police departments, healthcare, non-profit organizations and many more businesses the ability to hear directly from subject matter experts about the negative impact of drugs and alcohol. Approximately 325 people attended the one-day event.

“This conference seeks to foster collaboration and new partnerships between and among those who seek to help and protect our state’s youth,” said Alabama ABC Board Administrator Mac Gipson. “Thanks to the National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association, the summit offers unique opportunities to strengthen relationships, build trust and forge new strategies that benefit children. I’m confident these discussions better prepare attendees to address and ultimately end youth substance abuse.”

Attendees heard presentations from subject matter experts including Dr. Timothy Naimi, physician and epidemiologist at Boston Medical Center in Massachusetts; Christine Carr, CRNA at UAB; Cassandra Tourre, National Alcohol Beverage Control Association; Dr. Jim Harrow, Medical Director of the Baptist Center for Addiction Recovery and the Addiction Medicine Service; and Mike Reese, Alabama ABC Board Licensing and Compliance Division.

Also, a panel discussion and question and answer session was conducted by Judge Joy Booth, District Judge 19th Circuit; Billy J. McCullough, retired Montgomery Police Department lieutenant; and Tim Tyler, Deputy District Attorney for Montgomery County.

“The intention is to include as many professionals as possible to the Alabama SAYS conference,” Gipson said. “As a result, the conference does not charge a fee and it offers CEUs and CLEs which are valued by many working in their chosen profession. Improving the health of our youth is crucial to the success of our state. Our hope is that those who attended are better prepared to help children lead healthy lives.”

The Alabama ABC intends on hosting Alabama SAYS in 2023. Look for conference details to be published in the coming months.