ABC Board Unveils Micro Website Detailing Agency’s Financial Contributions

To help Alabamians have a better understanding of how a wide variety of state and local agencies use the revenues from beverage alcohol sales, the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board recently released a new, easy to digest resource. takes key financial and retail data and presents it in a manner that is informative, helpful and relatable.

“We want everyone in the state of Alabama to realize the positive impact the ABC Board has delivered to residents of the state for 85 years,” ABC Administrator Mac Gipson, said. “For one, it is impressive to see that the ABC has protected consumers and generated more than $8 billion dollars to help fund the essential functions of state government since 1937.”

Other key pieces of information highlighted include the fact that Alabama is the only control state in America that offers citizens a choice between state-run stores and the independent market, the number of products available to spirits licensees, charts and graphs showing where annual revenues go and much more.

“The ABC Board publishes an annual report that includes this information,” Gipson said. “We wanted give the public a quick and easy format so anyone can take a few moments of their time to better understand how critical this agency is to Alabama’s health, safety and financial bottom line.”

The website will be updated on an annual basis when the Board’s previous fiscal year financials are submitted to the State of Alabama.